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Looking for Authentic Antique Vintage Retro Brands made in France?


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General Inquiries 


- How do you know whether an item is Available for sale?
Items for sale come either with specific "Product Information" form placed above/below photos Or with general Items Informations Form placed on various posts and also reachable from sidebar via Explore The Latest.
- At this time, do you sell your vintage items from on-line selling or/and from e-commerce platforms? No. but we noticed that our former listings/IMG are still showing up on web (on various pinterest boards in particular), listings still linked either to Gourm ly (nice marketplace unfortunately inactive since early 2017 yet) or to Et sy platform (despite our shops definitely closed up since april-june 2017). We don't sell anything *elsewhere, except that we are giving a try to *Letgo currently.
However any kind of Requests, "Make an offer" or "Partnering" are gonna start from here only.
Purchasing process involves a detailed *invoice including: 
  • personalized up-to-date item(s) pictures, informative product descriptions, and updated informations sent once you filled form.
  • updated/more detailed photos or/and a short video as for framed paintings in particular (on request)
  • *ordering options
  • Policies, shipping infos and shipment methods availability.
  • Also when *Paypal Buttons are available, after Checkout, you will receive a detailed notification as updated Items's infos/Pictures/Policies). Note: in case of Overpaid postage fees to Europe or to Worldwide location, you get refunded the day of your package receipt. (confirmed by postal stamp)
*Paypal Payment : You can also send money to receiver without being a registered user of paypal, the receiver generates the invoice from his paypal wallet and send it to your email. You will find the payment page in your email to pay where you can fill in your card details.
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