Authentic French Vintage Treasures

We have always been interested in antique, oddities, bric-a-brac since childhood. 

Grandma Amélie was an avid collector of enamelware, granite-ware, antique coffee grinders, linens, ceramic dishes and China. 
She owned a small workers restaurant in Brittany, where she carefully organized and put her wide collection in an Antique Huge Breton Hutch Buffet Server Sideboard placed near entrance.
Started collecting various objects I admired, dating of mid-century, Retro periods. 
Later, went hunting for collectibles at flea markets, garage sales, and from auction sales. 
It became a Passion. 
For about the last 20 years, my partner and I have been buying, collecting hundreds Goodies, also 'been selling by Summer period French Antique, Vintage, Retro Collectibles at flea markets located in Brittany and Normandy.
We started "selling" on-line for about 8 years now, in France location first, then Worldwide on marketplaces, as et sy in particular (2013-2017). Now from standalone website hosted on Blogger.
Pentyofamelie team may bring you various relevant & unique home-wares.

source of french vintage treasures and collectibles made in France from pentyofamelie team located in Brittany France