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Blog focuses on what does interest us in various areas as history, culture and lifestyle of the french people.
Back to the "Good Old Days" where people and everyday objects were made to last.
Then, always been interested in antique, oddities, bric-a-brac since childhood thanks to Grandma Amélie who was an avid collector of enamelware, granite-ware, antique coffee grinders, linens, ceramic dishes and China. 
She owned a small workers restaurant in Brittany, where she carefully organized and put her wide collection in an Antique Huge Breton Hutch Buffet Server Sideboard placed near entrance.
I Started collecting various objects I admired, dating of mid-century, Retro periods. 
Later, went hunting for collectibles at flea markets, garage sales, and from auction sales. 
It became a Passion. 
For about the last 20 years, my partner and I have been buying, collecting hundreds Goodies, also 'been selling by Summer period French Antique, Vintage, Retro Collectibles at flea markets located in Brittany and Normandy.
We started "selling" on-line for about 8 years now, in France location first, then Worldwide from marketplaces, as et sy in particular (2013-2017). Now from standalone website hosted on Blogger.
Pentyofamelie team may bring you various relevant & unique home-wares. Etc.

find out more source of french vintage treasures and collectibles made in France from pentyofamelie.