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Did you know? 

How many inhabitants in France ? More than 67.2 million people living in France on 2018.

 World Record regarding Nobel Prizes : 11 Literature Nobel laureates, the main word used in France is "to be" meaning "être" and I'm not surprised at all. 
What about about the French custom of kissing the cheek? Depending on French regions, kissing the cheek may vary from 1 to 4 kisses, we mostly kiss the cheek a single time in Brittany :)
Snoopy kisses Lucy. I love Snoopy and The Peanuts Gang
Bravo Snoopy :)
 The French Bikini? 

Bikini Swimsuit is French and designed in 1946 by French engineer Louis Réard. 

He named the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll… Indeed Bikini (coconut place) is an atoll in the Marshall Islands, one of the test sites for nuclear devices in the 40/50s… The swimsuit  became extremely popular in the late 50s thanks to a particular movie with Brigitte Bardot in : "And God Created Woman". Awesome Movie! 

French actress and Model Brigitte Bardot with the name "The Bikini Girl" for her performance in the 1952 film "The Girl in the Bikini."
Miss Brigitte Bardot ...the Goddess :-P
Frenchies & Gastronomy Gourmets Passion

Those Mouth-watering delicacies bring together French people: 

Terroir wines, menus created by top starred chefs, duck breasts, and the famous chocolate cake with crunchy rind and mellow filling that is served hot with vanilla ice cream on a plate are supposed to be French favorite foods. Oh! and by the way: 300 million tonnes of  Champagne produced per year. Splendid ! ;-P
from Vintage Majolica Champagne Bottle shaped Serving Dish Tureen in Green
(dish available for SALE!) Champagne everybody? ;-)
And No less than 600 starred gastronomic restaurants all over the country! Magnifique!

How about a French Parfums?
Precious French Perfume and no less than about 40 million liters of Perfumes produced per year! 

What are French people current Commitments?
Develop Handicrafts, Traditional production methods and handcraft are very developed for some time. And that is a good thing! some other Great initiatives, as more and more Collective vegetable gardens are created by many people all over the country.
oh! BTW I forgot to mention ;-P that a growing number of frenchies are just struggling for Survival over here! whaat? Voui Ma'am and Môssieur, yes, you read correctly!  and those people, also named 'yellow vests' still going out in the streets each passing weekend, for more than 4 months now!
yes, you read correctly! mainly to Demand the Right to Live with Dignity, but 'where ' would you probably ask? oh well, in a Rich country named 'France', ya know the so-called 'country of human rights' ! ehmm, uhh... etc.
is this going to be better? oh well, not easy to answer Ma'am, Môssieur... 'coz we have to deplore hundreds serious injured people, thousand injured people, thousands put in jail, while a majority of them all are Peaceful people! "but hey! 'sssht, we must not tell! shhht!" .
 'Ah Paris by night!' ... hey, you better Come and visit us in Regions! ;-) 

La Marinière : Summer attire Trend or Seamen clothing?

Sailor shirt, the famous white and blue-striped shirt! Sailor shirt was produced in 1858 for seamen. 

Legend tells that the 21 blue stripes on body part had referred to Napoleon's Victories. And the 14 blue stripes on sleeves had referred to : "Blue like the ocean and white like foam".  well, this last "legend":) is more poetic! actually, this specific pattern was designed to Help for rescuing seamen whenever they fell overboard.
Miss Coco Chanel was the first woman to wear  “la Marinière” so many others talented actresses will contribute too, like Audrey Tautou, Brigitte Bardot, etc.

Excellent Franch actress Audrey Tautou in Miss Coco Chanel movie
Then, Jean Paul Gaultier ; the great french Fashion designer enhanced this terrific Marinière all over the world!
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