Yellow Jackets Protests in France

What about Yellow Vest Protest and Mobilization in France?

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Yay Yellow-Vest Frenchies! Now What? Macron cracks, and it's over for him! meanwhile Majority of French People Say Immigration Is Harmful to the Nation (?), and a ‘Great Violence’ in Paris Anticipated as Police Staff Join Macron Protests, while Hundreds Detained as ‘Yellow Jackets’ March on Presidential Palace. Raising the minimum wage seems to be the crown jewel in his plan to...make the 'sans-culottes' in yellow vests out there just stop rioting. 
The French Dilemma!
But Macron Public Support Slumps Again Even After Yellow Vest Concessions.Then, Anti-Macron Protesters Pushed Off Street by Water Cannon,  asked to Remove Yellow Vests. So that France Braces For Fifth Weekend of Anti-Macron Protests. In the meantime, French National Assembly approves ‘yellow vest’ tax cuts, but ‘yellow vests’ block borders ahead of Christmas. Moreover, Yellow Vest Protesters Attempt To Storm Macron Holiday Residence. In consequence, Unapologetic After Bruising Year, Macron Slams Yellow Vests as a ‘Hateful Crowd’! as a result,  Key Yellow Vest Figure Arrested by Police at Paris Demonstration, knowing that 80 Percent of French Back Yellow Vest Citizen Referendum Initiative Proposal, while Macron accuses 'agitators' of wanting to 'promote insurrection'! and Yellow Vests Return to Paris to Protest Macron’s Globalist Government. Otherwise, ‘Yellow vest’ boxer arrested after 'assaulting' French police. It was without counting Macron's hard-line stance against yellow vest protesters backfires. Then :) Macron Govt announced: Yellow Vests Have Destroyed 60 Percent of France’s Speed Cameras! because they have something to say about those Orwellian speed cameras. Therefore, Macron Braces for Another Day of Protests Across France, Paris, provinces brace for revived yellow vest protests. Thousands (?) of Yellow Vests March in Paris and Bourges in Ninth Week of Anti-Macron Protests.
So, Macron Party Demands Yellow Vest Facebook Page Be Shut Down over ‘Hate’ Message.
And now, French Police Deploy Rifles with 'Live Ammunition' to Yellow Vest Protests.
Macron and the Fall of France.
Desperate Macron Holds ‘Grand Debate’ to Find Way Out of Yellow Vest Revolt, But Yellow Vest Popularity in France Surges as Protests Find New Momentum...and The upcoming European elections will be held May 23 to May 26 among the 27 countries of the European Union to select 705 members to the European Parliament. 
Yellow Vests to Protest Macron Reforms for Tenth Straight Weekend.
History repeats itself: France's existential crisis!
However, Macron Hosts 150 Corporate Bosses in Versailles as Yellow Vest Protests Continue,
while Doctors Say Number of Serious Injuries Inflicted on Yellow Vests Unprecedented.

Testimony of a mother whose son was serious injured, with an eye definitely lost. That happened in Rennes, Brittany region in France on last January 19th, 2019.
Mother tells:
" My son and his friends were present last night in Rennes, standing with other people while maintaining a safety zone around an injured person before his evacuation, my son and his friends were not likely to be a danger to anyone. I also think of the 70-year-old lady who has been clubbed and admitted to the hospital a time before my son transportation to hospital, maybe she was likely to be a danger to others? according to my son, a stinger grenade was launched and hit him on his back, while police forces were taking action against the crowd. about 4 meters behind, a policeman integrated to the BAC (anti-crime squad) took advantage for shooting a flash-ball to him, right on my son face, direct to the eye.
Ball was picked up and is now in the hands of our lawyer.
despite surgery, his eye is definitely lost!

mr macron, while you show off! your white shirt sleeves off! in the gymnasium; where you talked and thought to Yourself, your henchmen are maiming young people who were not likely to be a danger to anyone, they even had no protection on faces, neither any kind of objects assimilated to weapons, nor wearing a gas mask protection, nor wearing swim goggles that you and police forces do consider as category weapons now!
while you show off! your henchmen are attacking young and old people. How many injured, and how many people left disabled for life, until you get aware? 
let me tell you that the way to run Govt, to rule a country is not about standing high at the top and to bragging, it is more about to Listen people, to hear their voice. As for myself, i am not angry, i'm not hateful, but unlike you and the guy you nominated at the Ministry of Interior, for whom I'm wondering whether he is stupid idiot, or just inept.
well, you are not worthy of my anger and hatred, the same feeling shared with my son, who even right now is not able to get aware of 'horror' he came through last night.
My son is 27-year-old, he has his life ahead, he had a lot to look forward to, but he won't get back to his previous life! because now he has been serious injured and left disabled for life!.
what you name "Democracy" is more about to beat up non-violent people in the streets who were protesting for their rights.
I can't identify the BAC officer who shoot at my son, and I would probably never know his name...but he's gonna watch his mother on this video! no doubt he is gonna sleep easy at night, and I wish he could never sleep easy again!
Mr macron, let me tell you, I am public servant, Teacher, Professor of letters, and I was expected to shut my mouth...
maybe you will find a way to fire me soon.
My only 'crime' was to speak loud and clear!

what's my crime? less worse than a previous education minister who called police forces to use their weapons on Yellow Vests! 
what's my crime? less more than 'the one' we all know about, who did pretend police forces never attacked willfully people in the streets.
I also thought of all people injured, that you should also think of ! 
You should apologize to all families where many were injured, or left disabled for life!
we have had more than enough of our society where too many fellow-citizens 'still living in very poor conditions.
Outside of hospital, I met homeless man 'of no fixed address' (sdf) sleeping rough out in the cold, while you did pretend there would no more SDF in France. i am not angry, but I am sick and tired of  this!"

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