Trick or Treat! Soulers on their way

A long time ago, " The 'tormentors' (elites today) were at back door and front demanding edible plunder by the word “trick or treat” to which the 'inmates' (The People)  gladly responded and sent the robbers away rejoicing."
Here is one of Gilets Jaunes Spokesmen, named Maxime Nicolle, alias 'Fly Rider'

" let us summarize current situation. Yellow Vests Movement 'still alive, even growing, on its way including all major Actions planned today and tomorrow.

However, we are still facing objection, inertia from French Govt which still claims its legitimate power, despite French Govt does not seem representative of a majority people today, but more alike about less representative of the whole people of France, since, about half population cannot identify themselves in the established power.
I am about to attend a TV show with regard to incidents of police violence against Gilets Jaunes for weeks now. I recorded on this occasion and planned to show various screen shots.
That way, any viewers would be able to watch more about violences from police forces, and to think twice about censorship we are facing in France.
As for myself, I do my best, I know we all do our best to show and tell,  and to add; please note I do consider myself as apolitical, and not affiliated to any kind of trade unions.
Now let's talk about The Law Commission debated and passed acts with regard to RIC, to signing online Petitions in particular, and I know a lot of people worked hard to write and fulfill relevant suggestions that many frenchies signed all over France.

let's take a look at the way the law commission members  'debate and pass acts'.
As a matter of fact, getting back to May 23th, 2018, a low number of auditors attended commission session related to amendment of Article 3 of our Constitution, which Petition related yet to the introducing of the RIC.
while 'watching video, I would point out that we are supposed to live in a democratic country!
Present auditors spent about 3 minutes on debating and passing acts, while two auditors smirking from reading the statement of draft law, taken it lightly, in a way that meant to be that Democracy was a matter of  "Elite" empower, so meant to be graduated from the ENA, and well-paid by the wealthy people.
Now what? questions ahead!
I'm learning, we are learning each passing day, and we have to!
Guess the reason why, they would not agree the introducing of RIC!
 since, they constantly talk about they won't do it, because they are afraid, because it would demonstrate and would call into question representativeness of those 'elected', of professional policies, of all kickbacks' agreements, etc... where I am shocked while watching video, is about the way they consider, determine to do not proceed and close Petition. 
It just took *3 seconds for auditor woman for closing 'act" ...  while we can't see how many auditors voted for or not, etc. (*full time session dedicated to Petition was 2:27)
Last, she said, 'ok! now let's go on with next petition'.
Is that the way 'all' the amendments are abrogated or passed? Is that what we want for our country?
when calvin and hobbes talk about "do you believe in the devil" and scheme?
 They finally spent a few seconds of debate on 'the people's sovereignty' Petition act.
Now let's talk about "affairs of State",  'Benalla scandal', secret affairs, police blunders, a non-independent judiciary, ...
Back to ActXI ; Jan 26th, in Bordeaux, where Police forces did arrest me, for Identity check, statement for a few hours only, but to note that at the same time, a woman protester had been beaten on the head, and clubbed, then she was held in police custody for long hours, as qualified for 'act of rebellion'
Does it make sense to you?
And to argue that any kind of violence is illegitimate, when it is intentional, but certainly legitimate in the context of 'self-defense' which is assessed on the basis of real Danger faced.
so that, we are facing a weird situation, where we have breaches of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law.
Let us remind ourselves that 500 persons filled complaints against the Minister of the Interior himself, but this case has been simply dropped... and to question the reason why.
Otherwise, let us point out that many police forces officers are professional and they do strongly condemn operating with dangerous weapons, while some of them have been asked to carry 'ammo but non-lethal ' weapons through last weekends protests. 
Here, we are thankful to you without any hesitation.
On the over hand, those policemen who act violent intentionally and willfully, those who do Not wear a badge with an identification number, with face covered masked, while it is definitely forbidden and punished by law! here, it must be said, it is unbearable and intolerable situation.
Thousands protesters were arrested, intimidation, physical abuse, arbitrary arrest and illegal detention of protesters.
let's face it! Yellow Vests are a 'target', since, we are not allowed to wear any kind of protections, while at the same time other protesters (i.e: red scarfs) are allowed to carry cooking pots & forks ...  what the hell is this?
Is this some kind of 'dictatorship' establishment? what is "dictature"; dictatorship definition?
"A dictatorship is a government or a social situation where one person makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone else. Dictatorship implies absolute power — one person who takes control — of a political situation, ...  In government, a dictatorship leaves no room for input from anyone who is not the top 'elected'..."
Regarding all 'rough' events we know about, that sounds like Dictatorship is on its way right now in France! (spokesman named maxime is developing about recent events, underpinning serious concerns expressed)
when snoopy and charlie brown argue about 'some day we will all die'
On that way, we will probably hear of the risk of imminent measures that curtail freedoms soon! Now, let's take a look at Democracy definition
Democracy: "The word comes from demos, "common people" and kratos, "strength". Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
(here again, spokesman named maxime is developing about recent events, underpinning serious concerns expressed)"
My aim would be to lead us to "Supreme Power held by and vested for People".
But we are living in a country and ruled by a 'repressive state policy'.
Then, according to Govt spokesman; we protesters are considered as 'radicalized political opponents'.

If so, and as defined from Govt representative(s),  what's ahead? 
what about submitting petitions online?,while we now know petitions are likely declared  'non-passed', rejected.
What about "RIP ; popular referendum initiative" which is very limited, inadequate to citizens demands, since it is about 'advisory opinion' .
(For reminder, The French referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe was held on 29 May 2005 to decide whether France should ratify the proposed Constitution of the European Union. The result was a victory for the "No" campaign, with 55% of voters rejecting the treaty on a turnout of 69%. but Sarkozy was elected President of the French Republic in May 2007. Amongst his pledges was a re-negotiation and ratification of a mini-treaty without a referendum. Eventually, the new version of the text, the Lisbon Treaty, was voted by the Parliament.)

Now please,  let it be said that enough is enough!  People have too little to eat, while the wealthy people are gorging on the tasty meals!  and to note when it is convenient, when it is about to track and hassle we 'peasants' , you do not waste time, but when it's about 12€ billion tax evasion scheme,  all about tax avoidance scheme, you never track and harass them at all!!
Do You think I won't react to such inequity!? really? let's face it! I won't keep up the fight for our Rights! you've got another thing comin'!
I will go down in the streets over and over again ... sure, I won't get back home for sitting down on my sofa watching your "circuses" on TV... 
I will ever stand up and fight until we all get satisfaction!
Hey politicians of any f'lags&wings', please bear in mind that I can't trust ya all, so please, you better move away from me... just don't count me in!
Next weekend, on Feb 2, 2019, I will be present in Paris and will attend another (ActXII) protest, standing up for the Right of Freedom for All citizens! 
No matter what kind of 'craps' you may hear about me, my sole purpose is to get to know of what kind of future my daughter will access, if ever... of what kind of future my mom will access, since she is about to get on retirement soon,  etc... to get to know of my own socio-economic future?
As far as I know, I, we have the right to protest! I am not protesting, in order to see our country ruined, or lead to economic chaos. 
On the contrary, I, we just demand equality, equity for all citizens.
At the same time, many and many wealthy ones are still gorging themselves on their 'Extra supplementary executive retirement packages', on other huge pension pots, slush funds...
'still no money into national State coffers? sure? So, Ya up there! 'should ask your billionaires kinda Help! They have billions dollars deposited in their foreign bank accounts!
As a matter of fact, if there was "nothing new under the sun" about our legitimate demands in the next couple weeks, with regard to Frenchies motives for protests, with regard to abuses and acts of violence from your henchmen against population;
I will commit to ask The right to political asylum as a constitutional right. 
(spokesman Maxime is developing about his own situation identical to other protesters, underpinning serious concerns expressed for all).

If there was nothing new under the sun in the next couple weeks, with regard to French peopleon the reasons for their protestI will commit to ask The right to political asylum as a constitutional right until my end if necessary, till ALL people of France have the right to live with dignity, in a Free country...
Therefore, I will ask UN and other countries to mobilize in order to assist the French people.
Please, whoever you are, wherever you live worldwide, spread the word about situation we are bearing! so far, we are asking for defending our Rights while acting with Pacifism in actions, to Govt leaders, please lend an hear to our legitimate demands before it is too late. "
That was Maxime's speech I translated, because to me also, 'sounds like he is telling relevant facts, not sure, he will be asking for 'political asylum' though! :-)
Anyway, he has the guts to depict quite a sad reality of French "Democraty" currently.
And as usual in France, 'fly rider' and fellows actions are denied or marginalized, his involvement humiliated and mocked by other frenchies...Thus, always the age-old policy of 'divide and rule'.
Of course, there are a lot Yellow Vests 'Spokesman' all across France.
To me, Le Gilet Jaune François Boulo may make a meaningful contribution to the implementation of the 'change' envisioned, but now, he is considered by some, as affiliated to some political 'left' wing!
Otherwise, it is really worth taking a look at 'Independent' web media founded as an association, and at this other one; 'independent, participatory digital edition newspaper ' which is actually worth reading.
Thanks for reading. Never forget to make up your own mind!:)
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