Words of Yellow Vests

Or The voice of an angry citizenry.
"Yellow Vests" movement began on Nov. 17, 2018.
Whatever you may have read here and there; in national and international medias, or from News channels,
Mobilization and the motivation of hundreds of thousands of Citizens in "Gilets Jaunes" is likely to be sustainable.
December 15, 2018 - Paris FranceSpeech from Three 'representatives' of Gilets Jaunes.
Link to Video in French Language *Speech to all People of France ...
* and to add that several other groups of Yellow Jackets located everywhere in French Regions are also representative of the Legitimate Mobilization of People with or without famous yellow jacket on!
Now the idea is that all the work everyone has been doing must bring People together, because All Standing together, they will Win.
Here again, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! Yellow Vests to all parts of France and beyond.

Speech to all People of France, to the attention of the President of the Republic ; Mr Emmanuel Macron.
French Yellow Vests demand Government to move on introducing referendum and initiative rights in France named RIC meaning référendum d’initiative citoyenne
" It has already been a month since popular yellow jackets mobilization shakes France, this movement does not belong to anyone but to everyone, it is the expression of a people that for the last 40 years has been dispossessed of everything that gave them hope in their lives and in future, and could make them great.
For some 40 years , successive Elected, elections time after time, Betrayals, lies, dropouts are happening with greater frequency. Yes, Mr. President, we are exhausted, yes, we are filled with anger, because we found no other means than to make hear our voices, except to humbly put on again this now famous yellow jacket, yes, we are exhausted due to a colossal tax pressure, which takes away from our country; “vital energy” to our entrepreneurs, craftsmen, small traders, creators, workers, while a small elite is still untaxed. Public expenditures and taxes accounting for between 46% of GDP! While health and social assistance accounting for some one third of annual GDP. Despite this, we were told Government cannot pay decently the disabled, the military, the nurses, the professors salaries, and so many other people we haven't named, as long is the list.
The question is:
What on earth are you doing with all of that money?
Our intuition, our eyes scanning, simple citizens are in the know now! Money was gone; it evaporated from undue privileges, paid commissions, economical- political cronyism, endless retirements, some other trusted servants, etc…
It is blatantly unfair. There is a dramatic inequity and it is something that needs to be considered!
While people of France are forgotten, left in social and economic distress, we no longer tolerate the situation., we also say in no uncertain terms, we don't want to live in a permanent emergency, living on public assistance, accessing to aid flows from this bulimic Government, which is always asking for more, while we people are  given back less, we want to live free, free to act properly, Property rights are a guarantee that we get to keep what we own, we can dispose of what we own, enjoy the fruits of our labour, free to create and to invent without facing all the way  the  terrible impact of the area of tax administration and collection. 
We want to pay reasonable taxes, also in order to help individuals in our country. We must be able to live with dignity, we  should have a right to decent housing.
We demand the lowering of taxes and duties with regard to essential goods. food; energy; transport, housing, otherwise, we demand a significant drop in salaries, pensions, privileges, also current and expected pensions allocated to any Government with respective elected members, senior officials.
our anger lays not so much in the "empty stomach" consideration, our anger is more pervasive and deeper than ever, pressure emerging over several decades, we have no control over policies in our own country.
Let us not forget Lisbon Treaty texts adopted while have been rejected on last 2005, the 13 years of powerful Referenda we just do not forget about, and all the promises that were not fulfilled, we do not forget or miss anything!
Mr President, you told us about it has been in the grip of a democratic malaise evidenced. 
And it is so True!
How do you propose to address that challenge?
Nothing! is our answer!
And yes, we are aware you would very embarrassed that we people can be heard, and our hope for the people of France is that they may be enabled to speak clearly. But we are simply bored to get crumbs from your Government and elected representatives allow us. 
We want to make you understand this real requirement of a referendum, in order to get though this democratic crisis, by adding a draft to amend the Constitution, introducing RIC ; Référendum d’Initiative Citoyenne (Referendum and initiative rights), draft in four important respects; giving the French people the right to initiate Referendum, in order to amend constitution and to prohibit any amendment outside a Referendum. The people must be given a deciding voice, the right to draft and to repeal legislation people chose to consider, to give people the right to hold a Referendum on all the amendments voted by the Parliament, the right to require from President of the Republic to submit to the people all international treaties and agreements before ratifying them.

The text we wrote has no objective other than that to offer back to the French people its sovereign role, and certainly not to threaten our French Republic; our aim is not to destabilize French Government. we think our demand is not  unrealistic or unreasonable, give us back mastery of our destiny. 
People should have sole power to decide, Yes, we are pacifists, but know this; even forced at bayonet point can't brake down, force to let down the use of our yellow vests.

Mr president, as you stated, to try to resolve the democratic matter in France, Hear our word , this injunction from your people. In order to maintain our freedom to make decisions and our control, sovereignty and freedom are for us an absolute priority.
Long live France, Long live the Republic!  Long live the Yellow Vests " 
December 15, 2018 - Paris France.Speech to all the People of France, to Pdt Macron fromThree representatives of Gilets Jaunes.
Additional information : 
' We sent Draft to Prime Minister yesterday night, including formal request of RIC ; Référendum d’Initiative Citoyenne' (referendum and initiative rights)
In ending their speech, the crowd present there began to sing 'The Marseillaise', then, the crowd began chanting: "RIC! RIC! RIC"!

Personal Note:
Please readers of any kind, of any background or faith :P
Be discerning when reading any kind of Press articles, News Channels in French language and mentioning "ces gens là" ; "these people"
and/or mentioning "ils ont l'impression que" and/or "ils ont le sentiment de " ; "they feel that" etc...
In France, for many years, we have no other choice than to read and /or to watch on TV too many 'Reporters' and Elites who often used those "words" above, referring to "People" and from now on, in the direction of "yellow vests" Protesters.
But to mention that "ces gens là" is term that designates People!
But to mention that "they feel that"...  Nope!! NO Mesdames, Messieurs!
They Are and they Live it all! because they are in the know.
and to question whether All was foreseen from... the ship of fools.
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