One Trillion Dollars Worth

Profession: International Reporter tells us about the following:

“Grand Reporter” Term sounds somewhat pompous, because we are investigative reporters moving around the world, tracking the industry's every move, observing where men are suffering and dying...

Tonight, as a survivor of the most brutal and merciless economic battle; where “generals” dressed in
an impeccable suit, good cut, with a stylish briefcase for only “weapon”.
Behind its “name company” lie the terrible company-grinding machine, coveting frontiers, states union, collective interests, with the sole purpose of producing massively, thinking of long-term markets, of selling more and more.
Authentic One Silver Dollar. series of 1899 Original One-dollar Bill
And I've been wondering as ‘been going through the questions, about facing such challenge 
to international business, wondering whether impetus market globalization was finally is in the nature of the matter. 
Since, I can’t help thinking it is difficult to bear, that operates to the advantage, for the profit of only 30 big industrial firms worldwide.  
While it is up to the States, that it is in fact up to the national governments to predict and control,
to monitor and verify, to define and rule Markets which may be the result of a lack of a consistent policy, and simply failure of political will. Thus, those empires watch us line up on the field, and the greats who sat atop legally benefit from …our collective Inertia.
They look at us, it’s as they said:“good boys”, also looking at flags hanging from their desk, all about our frontiers, bombs, patriotism, political beliefs, our internal squabbling and Popular Folklores, while at the same time,  they submit their annual report, thus reaping the benefits of One Trillion dollars gross per year. 
Intrigued, I asked questions at their annual meeting, they also retorted about Europe Member States : “do you really think leading blue-chip companies ultimately responsible for any "misfortune" that befell them?"
I replied : “Well, Economists talk and write a lot! but mainly read by other Economists though… taking the form of curves, graphs, spreadsheets, with a whole range of other things that nobody can understand… But there are nevertheless some numbers that tell a lot, that make it clear and how “fascinating” the situation is, well to me. Today, it is said that The annual financial gross turnover of the only 30 leading blue-chip companies including yours, hovers at around “Mille Milliards de Dollars”.
Leader: “Yes, and then?”
I retorted: "And such colossal concentration of power in just a few hands. Well, that’s the scary part to me… I mean, one trillion dollars reserved only to a Club of 30 wealthy people."
Them: "Listen, in the world we are living in, We must grow or die. And we decide to make progress on our goal to grow our presence worldwide…. Unless I hear any objection. Do you? "
I replied: "No, but that makes me think of an entrepreneur who owned a small company, he was probably thinking your way, since he said: "the day a large multinational company is coming on your Home market, you have two options; you resist or you embrace."
Them: "He probably feels like a “nervous breakdown”. That may happen, but sure, things will come back in order..."
I said: "Yes, as you know, he sold his company. In my view, that means, Foreign competition is about; ‘hey, look at my products, ours is better, cheaper than yours, so therefore buy ours!'
Leader: "Yeahh, this is what we are already doing"
I finally said: "Sorry to tell, Reality is that you impose your products, by settling down in the regions,  where you buy and integrate the local company that manufactured similar products, for the sole purpose of putting yours, and you want people to embrace it? hey, really? "
In 1968, having an annual sales revenue of One trillion dollars meant the top 6000 world's leading companies had to be taken into account. In 1978, just about 50, and now there are just 30 big industrial firms worldwide. Tomorrow, maybe less than Five of them left. 
And, in the end, how about just One only?

As a Reporter in International Economic Politics. Paul has collected the "burden of proof". 
For now, He is able to give evidence of "How, What, When, Who involved"
The Truth will come out one day, but until it is published on newspaper, he is in danger of death… 
but he might get billionaire too.
Full story was published in a Front 6-page article, printed in a small local newspaper, located in province, with old printing-press machines.

Oh! Did I tell you "Story" above about a Movie? which was released in France on 1982, directed by Henri Verneuil, with an incredible performance of the Lead Actor Patrick Dewaere.  
famous French actor Patrick Dewaere; alias Talented Paul Kerjean Role in "Mille milliards de dollars” directed by Henri Verneuil in 1981.
Inspired by Robert Lattès & Max Dordives, authors of "Mille milliards de dollars : le monde économique de demain" Book, Paris, published in 1969. 
And yes, you read it right! 1969 yet,  so 50 years ago.
Note: I don’t give a damn to all parties' symbols, such as flags in red, white, black, pink, blue, or multi colors, and so on… 
The idea was to revisit what Economists had to say throughout their publications 50 years ago, as a matter of fact.
Above all, just pointing to the greatest importance to the freedom of information and the extraordinary work carried out by all Grand Reporters worldwide, often under hostiles conditions
in conflict situations.
Make Up your Own Mind.
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