Dye with your Vest on!

Dye, Diy with one or any multi-color reflective vest on.

'tell the story of a guy…'
Who works hard for the money.
Whatever his/her field of work… Albeit!
Since Building, health care workers, artisans, industrial production companies, agriculture and fisheries areas, compared to administrative jobs require to deal with other specific abilities, skills, qualifications.
And It takes guts to work in these hard working sectors, either you are worker or skilled status!

Employment contract consists in employing people, covering their working conditions, employment rights.

But does Not consist in the sovereign right of head companies to decide whether or not they would respect your personal Integrity, right to privacy, freedom of expression, equity, all kinds of non-discrimination, equal treatment, etc.

Employment contract is about, is supposed to be about a COLLABORATION between both parties,  no more, no less. 

November 2018 yellow vests protesters in France.
(As regards to "yellow Vets" Like many, I also thought unthinkable to get to see such mobilization of French people; all united by the legitimate determination to get Respect, Actions and not Words.)

And yet! too many employers have complete sovereignty over us all, regarding the way of thinking about employees considering them as "my people… you are" oh really? But all this was never stated in the contract.
As observed for too many years (from great writers, economists, social philosophers, economic editors, ordinary people concerned, etc), underlying problem come from "upper class of society" abuses, that dominates the country... and it goes on and on.
In an employment contract the contracting parties often “stipulate”… many “things”, but in the end, nothing that really does benefit with equity to employees status and conditions. 
Time and again, the age-old question: Who Made Who? 
Last, having money enough in the pocket is still not there. 
For years now, relevant complaints have been voiced for years!  But they have not really moved ahead except of maintaining the wage of fear.
Employment contract is about, is supposed to be about a COLLABORATION! no more, no less.
While many "elites of the civilized world" have been struggling to set up adequate programs, implemented to support the safe performance of … their “stats”.
and here again, having money in the pockets is still not there.

For years, we were told that getting a job is quite easy. 

Always the same old tune, from those who got the right job (even family, friends, colleagues, etc) 
If all was so easy! Who would explain us the reason why, there are so many jobless! Million jobless people? Is it a choice they made? Are they just weak inconsistent people, slackers? Maybe The whole! Right? 
While other bold employees forced to work at furious pace, due to the just-in-time production, one can indeed talk about a wage of fear.
C’mon gimme the rhythm!
We all know: Divide and Rule is an old tactic.
Below, few recurrent situations I heard of, that makes sense to me, regarding unacceptably high rates of social ills:
He worked in the field of electronics production machinery, a good worker, interim contract, known for record-setting processing times… "perfect" employee, right?
But not really, because production staff does not consider he is the right employee.
He working too fast and efficiently, this cannot be supported by colleagues and their Union. 
Because of him, they all would have to improve their own rate of work. But no way! 
And the responsible for the production line to add:
"Listen Mr CEO, don’t you know I AM one of the older employees in the company, and Union on my side!"…  
she asked the boss to fire worker who was simply doing (great) his job though.
C’mon gimme the rhythm!
Anecdotal evidence? Not sure 
I often heard people telling of: "problem is not so much technical working environment but the professional community, contacts".Another one, administrative employee; actually Personal Assistant to the CEO, forced to go with difficult working conditions, because 1st assistant director in company did not enjoy a lot she was recruited Only for assisting CEO, she was not really prone to “sweety and gentle dispositions” as expected from assistant director. Contract end, non-renewed contract even if she did a good job, as notified by CEO himself. 
Note: 1st assistant director was fired around one year later! 👍

On repeat: employment contract is about, is supposed to be about a COLLABORATION! no more, no less. 

He ; working hard like so many others, in a printing company, here again, record-setting processing and High Quality times, just for a time, until he was forced to deal with caution face to colleagues who seriously and daily impeded his work, as the last recruited, he got fired, and the first targeted of course, since company definitely closed up a few months later.

She ; working hard for an advertising company. Rich company, Poor salary, limited employment contract. One day she got sick and had to ask a work stoppage. Then, back to work. At the end of  the following month, got her salary payment by check, as usual, minus one working week related to work stoppage which was already deducted on the previous month in reference!
Her employer laughed out loud at her, while telling her: "oh really! I did not pay attention, you know…" making a fool of her, all the way.
C’mon gimme the rhythm!
No matter what! No matter people skills and adaptability, or knowledge, education, training, abilities, willingness, aptitudes, integrity, efforts, the issues or moral questions…
All depends on Big Boss motivation, mood, willingness to be open-minded to new situations and ideas, methods, respect and loyalty. 
Needless to say that examples of situations set out above based on a small sample... 
Unfortunately, there is worse to come. (repeated practice in overconsumption of anxiolitics, attempted suicides... and, as a matter of fact, all this leading to exclusion, sometimes marginality, violence, rejection and idleness for larger sections of the population, because there are absolutely no prospects, they have not been able to solve the problem of unemployment by themselves).
That's the way it is, no more, no less! 

 All this “Naughty Naughty”, isn't it?
Did you know? 
Head companies, human resources department attend "special" training sessions on managing any kind of employees they usually name: "my people", I had the opportunity (back to early 2000s) to read partial contents of sessions,  and trust me! one cannot imagine how much ignominious ideas were developed and approved during their monthly  "happy breakfast brainstorming".
Ehmm…  and needless to say:  'divide and conquer' policy, you know! 
Anecdotal evidenceS? Not really.
Sacred principle of "why make it simple when we can make it complicated?" remains, against all reason or logic that is not the priority.

It is not about denouncing "privileges" deserved only to a few..., sure ?
Anyway, always 'been that way, and seems that would never change to the Human Community.
Sounds "The Rich and The Poor" coexistence in daily reality has a rosy future ahead of it.  
And I can hear some of them arguing over and over:
 “ohlala, they are just frustrated, jealous, and that is all! ”
it is so easy to say! as usual, with their subjective and personal considerations in mind again.
C’mon gimme the rhythm!

Hey! Hallo! Hallo you Up there!! Curiously through 2018, More and more French people still haven’t got money in the pockets to pay all about the following

Increasing, endless taxes, duties and social security contributions, even if required in order to come and ensure a democratic society.
And yet, "ship of fools" on its way over and over.
The day we all would mind stopping acting with our own subjective, individual considerations towards others, For sure, That day shall be a big step ahead!!

NOW, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! Yellow Vests to all parts of France and beyond. 

Last (phew!) needless to say that here again,  I don’t give a damn to any parties' symbols, such as flags in red, white, black, pink, blue, or multi colors, and so on… (GFY)
Oh well, "humans are humans"…
What Science tells 😔
Humans are members of a large group of animals known as Mammals.
"All mammals (including humans) have the same distinctive features and include:
fur or hair growing from the skin [...] Humans possess many unique characteristics but we also share a number of similarities with other animals. These similarities and differences are revealed through our genetic make-up, the ways our bodies are constructed and our behaviour. They help us to understand our place in the animal kingdom by allowing us to work out the evolutionary relationships between ourselves and other animals. Humans, however, also possess many unique characteristics and are therefore classified within a unique subgroup of the Great Apes called the hominins. many other features are unique to humans, as, extremely large brains relative to our body size, body structure that enables sustained movement on two legs (bipedalism) [...] complex tools are made and used, art, music, writing and other symbols, burial of the dead, transmission of cultural ideas, meanings and behaviours from one generation to the next, worldwide distribution."

Quote: “extremely large brains” rather say "brawns" instead of brains! :P  ohlala c'est pour rire! ??
" transmission of cultural ideas, meanings and behaviours from one generation to the next."
Oh my! We are all doomed! 
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