Wild Game Annual Meeting

Forest Gnome as The President welcomed participants to the 2018 Annual Meeting of the “All United Wild Games” 

He introduced invited guests, as Game Faience Terrine, Casserole Dish Tureen, Majolica Pate Terrine Dishes, various Wild Game & Game Birds Head Tureens. 

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Vintage Majolica Tureens, as White Rabbits family, Brown Bunnies, Brown Hare, Pheasants, wild wood Bison, Deer, Doe and Bambi Fawn, Brownie Fallow Deer Buck, Red Rabbit.
Participants to the first meeting were: Garden Dwarf with Red Hat, White Rabbits family, Two Brown Bunnies, European Brown Hare, Two Pheasants, The wild wood Bison, Deer with Doe and Bambi Fawn Family, Ostrich, Brownie Fallow Deer Buck, and exceptional presence of Red Rabbit.
Secretary of the meeting : Snow White (but absent today) Reason: current status of "undercover agent" at “Hunting Intergroup” in E.P. 🙌
The President started the morning session by enumerating Items on the agenda:
As usual, we all know that The cool autumn nights and fall colors certainly announce that small, large game hunting season has arrived.
Then, I heard that Limitations having to do with game prohibit the hunting of any wild animal that is obviously immature or is a female accompanied by its young.
Please note that New laws prohibit the use of lead shot for hunting migratory birds (such as ducks and geese) although is still used for other game (such as rabbits…).
Also be aware that The license to hunt specially protected game ("Schedule XX Hunting License") inevitably.
The hunt for the small games is allowed partridge, hares and others.
About Full wildlife protection? human communities and wild life everywhere as the full impact of climate change on the ecosystem lifelines is felt... quickly.
Last item: Closing remarks and Next Meeting
Gotta Watch your back fellows! and Take Great Care of yourselves! See you… hmmm, next time??

In today's second session of our meeting, we invited various animals of the farm, the poultry-yard, wild game birds, wildfowl, because one of our members 😒 asked a question, so that, we will have to discuss of origin:  "which came first the chicken or the egg?"
Needless to say fellows and fellas, this is not the last we have heard on the matter... But I warn you all! you should bear in mind that the session should last no more than one hour!! okay?!
(More than 24 hours later, The President has still not managed to close the sitting...)
head tureens and covers, Rooster, Cockerel, Pintail Duck, Brown and Blue Hens, Waterfowl Shelduck Tadorna, Red-legged Partridge, Rare Blue Duck Floral motif, Geese, Snow Goose and Male, Brown Gander, Small Goose, White Swan, Piggy Bank Pink Sow Moneybox
Participants to the Second meeting were: Rooster and Little Cockerel Tureens, Pintail Duck, Brown Hen and Blue Hen pate dish Terrines, Two Waterfowl Shelduck Tadorna bowls with lid, Two Red-legged Partridge Pate Terrine, Blue Duck wearing Flowers, Geese Family, as Snow Goose, Male Goose, Brown Gander, Little Goose, White Swan Head Tureen, Pink Sow Money Box, and a "strange" Egg made of wood.