Top Movies Starring Marmots

Marmots are Back! Now They perform for Cinema.

Firstly, Taking in famous scenes from every one of the Top movies.
And that was a bold move! :)

Let’s start with Miss “Marilyn Marmoe”, spoof of the famous scene "The Seven Year Itch"

well, should say "The Seven Year… Hibernating" ;-) 
What a particular casting session for this one. I heard 😜 that Miss Marmoe was given the Lead… thanks to a “second cousin” named Alf ;-) Ah! I can see clear now. Indeed, while looking closely at her, I noticed some similarity... lol
Sounds not only her appearance is similar to Alf (except about Alf’s nose of course!), but also her Temper! but Alf was so much Fun! (RIP Mihaly Meszaros)
She demanded original Dress! Do you believe that? Costume designer had to create custom-fitted gown (size 12/14 but he had to sew label mentioning size 8! 😏, so terrified of her bad reaction!)… she also demanded a qualified hairstylist/groomer :) but as she was too demanding, he finally gave up… 
Quite difficult to reason with her. Oh my! Amateur actors may be cranky, fussy! Right? 😉
Funtastic French TV Idents related to Top Movies Starring Marmots

Regarding spoof of the famous scenes on Nine ½ Weeks and on Flashdance Movies

Professional actors, so No problemo! actress on Flashdance was just a bit upset…because hairstylist Left Movie Set! You know, because of Miss Marmoe :)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Titanic, A Man and a Woman Movies

Just Fabulous! outdoor scenes were shot with high-sensitive movie cameras… Awesome. I heard 😛that Actors on A Man and a Woman fell in love during shooting. Actor playing the role of E.T plans to make a tree house… Actors on Titanic got a serious cold, but now they are feeling good, phew!

Rocky, Pulp Fiction Movies

Oh my! All fine. Performed with Excellent Actors.
Funtastic Top Movies Posters starring Marmots from French TV Idents. Directed by Dream-on and 3D Mikros agencies.

Top Gun Film

Several Auditions before they unearth that rare pearl, as “Tom Creuse” ;-)
He qualified as an active sportsman and he is brave … Indeed, it might be argued that he said: "I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…" Fine! but I’m still wondering whether he made sure to read the terms before concluding the contract…. We just haven’t heard from him, for some time now. Quite intriguing! What do you think? 😎

Contempt French Film (le mépris)

I love it! Difficult to choose from trailers, but I must admit this one is probably The Best Movie trailer 😗 starring "Brigitte Marmot" the Beautiful! as a Top Actress, she perfectly knows how to play it up for the Cameras, (as always demanded with JL Rasouard, Uhh, I meant Jean Luc Godard...) Darling; "Fatal Beauty" in the movie was just the Perfect flāvus to play the role with “un je ne sais quoi” fēlīnus attitude 😝
Okay! Now let’s have a look at TV Idents. Top Movies Starring our lovelies; The Marmotoons.
Interesting "making-of" from
From France 3 – TV Idents:
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