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Vintage French Faience Hand Painted Henriot Quimper Pottery. HB Mark, Keraluc, Fouillen, Local Artists Signatures, Authentic wares made in Brittany France.

Traditional Breton Pottery coming in various Traditional, Farmhouse patterns, Dinnerware, Dinner Plates, Dishes, Lug Bowls,  bedside holy water stoup below are not available, they were Sold.

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Vintage Breton Quimper Pottery Marks. Authentic Quimper Wares signed Henriot HB, local artist from Henriot Faiencerie Brittany France
Handcrafted Quimper plates, Breton Art Pottery, French Brittany folk Henriot, Plate Wall Hanging and Tableware coming with marks and signatures from Henriot-HB Factory. For SALE
Vintage Breton Art Pottery, French Brittany folk Henriot, Plate Wall Hanging and Tableware
Feel free to ask more information about the ones that particularly grabbed your attention.
French Henriot Quimper Ware.Find out more about Vintage Breton Art Pottery and Eclectic collection from Henriot Factory in Brittany France
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Vintage Quimper Pottery History, Marks, and Wares Collection direct from Brittany France

Adorable Breton Glazed Pottery; fish pattern from Local Artist named Bastian Le Pemp. Rare Antique HB Breton peasant man double salt. Keraluc Jug. Pink Floral plates. Etc

Authentic Quimper Wares Antique pieces and Seafood, Fish patterns signed Local Artists, Henriot HB Faiencerie in Brittany France