Three Little Ducks Learn Swimming

Tale about "Dim Dam Dom" Ducklings Characters.

 Three ducklings living on a farm (I named them Dim Dam Dom :P). Until The day comes when mom asked them to join the nearby puddle. Then one after the other they followed behind Mother Duck. Once there, as the little ones were afraid of water, they stayed safe on edge of the pond.
"Quack, Quack Quack come and join me now kids” said Mother. (coin, coin, coin in french)
But No way. Ducklings won’t move a leg.
Mother got angry and finally said:
“Oh well! don’t be afraid of water… But if so… But Wait kids! All ducks can Swim! and bear in mind that “ the apple never far from the tree fall “  😝 Now it’s up to you. Go and see around the farm. (Et bon courage surtout) " 

So here they go ahead despite wondering what the hell is “the apple never far from the tree fall”  😄 while waddling to farm backyard where they met and asked Mother Hen and chicks: “we too, want to be chicks, as we can’t swim in water puddle”. said little ducks.
"Oh I see! Hmm, but can you say peep peepsaid Hen

 "Quack, Quack, Quack"All exclaiming.

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"Ohlala, sorry to tell but you cannot say peep peep Dear ones. Now, Get back to Mother Duck" added Mother Hen.
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But they simply did not. While waddling on their way, they also met other farm animals.
Here again the same story happened with Mother Cow, Sow, Mare, Cat, Goat etc  
"Oh I see! Hmm, can you say moo moo, (etc)"
"Quack, Quack, Quack"All exclaiming.
 "Ohlala, sorry to tell but you cannot say … Now, Get back to mother duck" added all Mommies around. Of course, All together ever sound Quack, Quack, Quack. (ben voui)
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They finally got upset and bursted into tears… (Poor little ones :P)
Hoot hoot hoot says the Owl perched high on a tree.
 "bonjour little ducks, what’s going on? tell me the reason why you are all crying." said Owl
 "We are afraid to get back home, since mom is angry with us, because we are afraid of water pond but now Aware we'll never be either a cow, pig, sheep, turkey or goat, horse, hen…  
What’s wrong with us?" said Ducklings (😂)
"Okay, okayyyyy, I mean Booo Booo (:-P ) Hoot Hooot Hoot ;-). Now, Get back to farmhouse where you will find three pairs of red rubber boots and three umbrellas. Put your boots on, grab umbrellas (😶) then Go into puddle" says Wise Owl.
Once done, here they go again… now 'coming safe into pond. 
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The more they swam, the more boots filled with water, ducklings diving to fish out boots, and Umbrellas drifted away as well…  when they suddenly realize, they were all wet and swimming around…easy.
 “How Fun! Now we are Ducks for real! »  all exclaiming.
 «All right then, Hahahaha, hehehe, I mean; Hooot Hoot Hoot...Okay kids! now you know what has to be done, and I’m ever happy to see Ya all the little ducks swimming in the water fol-de-rol, fal-de-ral all the little ducks... waddle!" added Wise and Outstanding Owl.
They finally got back to wise Mother Duck.
From an existing French fairy some additional "Free notes" 
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Thank you for reading.Hope you enjoyed Tale...and 
"on Nait ce qu'on Est" (et pas l'inverse...)
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