Population Living On Farms

Well, That is Farm Life. Get to know more about our Barnyard Animals. 

"On the family farm, we had cows, pigs, a real farmyard..."
In the good old days when sustainable soil management was at the heart of priority on farms.
Just a great benefit for All. Since the health of soil, plant, animal and man is one and indivisible.

Hey, what about yesterday and nature's worth? Do we all together give a damn?
Fortunately, more and more farmers are on their way to do right… producing products which benefit the environment.
It’s high time to cease environment destruction. Some would say “stalemate, too late too late”! :-P
We have to care for our soils and our water quality.
Around the world, we are facing a fundamental choice.
The next future will tell.
As often said, "The earth would not stop turning", right?
sure? 😣
Some are still messing around…while Others are doing their Best.
But too many leaders and dealers are still arguing: “If we get something wrong, please tell us, and we will do better next time”.  Well yes!
Hallo you up there!
Après on s'étonne whenever people worldwide 'going on a rant. 
Last but not least, kids I worked with in nursery schools, while 'looking images below, asking me about: "where can we find that kind of Farm…still today?"
 Nice Pastoral scenes about Farm life, barnyard Animals living on farms in France over past centuries.
well, in a educational farm…mainly.
Okay. Times are changing.
Yes, but that can't go on and on a scale which compromises Life on Planet Earth...
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dating of 1980s. All available for SALE (except Cow currently)

Vintage farm Animals figural Tureens. Nice Portuguese pottery models

Nice farm life Banyard faience tureens.Two Hen, chicken, Blue Pigeon, Snow Geese and Gander figural. Portuguese pottery.
Two Hen, chicken, Blue Pigeon, Snow Geese and Gander Majolica Tureens.

Nice Banyard faience tureens.Brown and white Rabbits, Black Moorhen,Partridges, Rare Mallard Ducks family figural.Portuguese pottery.
Brown and white Rabbits, Game Birds; Black Moorhen, Partridges. 
Rare Mallard Ducks family Faience Terrines.

pretty Backyard majolica faience tureens. Cow, Pintail Duck, Dabbling Shoveler Duck,Pheasant, female pig Sow, Turkey figural. Portuguese pottery.
Cow, Pintail Duck, Dabbling Shoveler Duck, Pheasant, female pig Sow, Turkey Bowls with Lids

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