French Country Kitchen Home Decor Ideas

How about a "fresh" collection of useful and decorative objects in your living Rooms stored on your favorite set of shelves?

Vintage French Cottage Style coming with Brass Copper Tin Bronze Decorative Objects.
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are NO longer available since AUGUST 2018 !
Find out your french vintage cottage in Brass Copper Tin Bronze decorative objects

Nice Various Collection of Wine glasses and Colorful Glassware Set.

(set on center of the middle shelf Sold)
Find out more french vintage Kitchen Glassware Set in various nice motif and shapes

A Wide range of Coffee, Cereal, Chocolate, Cafe au Lait and Latte bowls are available.

(some bowls below Sold, others available asap, See More Bowls available now )
Find out more about Vintage french wide range of coffee cafe au lait Latte bowls

Old Limoges Porcelain Transferware River Fish Plates design

Find out more about french vintage porcelain transferware fish plates

Rare Vintage Blue and White Villeroy Boch Dinnerware Tea Set 

hard to find vintage white and blue villeroy boch dinnerware tea set collection

Retro French Orange Floral Arcopal Tea Coffee Chocolate and Astro Mugs, Milk Glass Jugs Set.

find out more about Retro french Arcopal mugs milkglass jugs set

1970s Arcopal Breakfast Tableware Set, Milk Glass Containers, Bowls, Coffee Cups Teacups, Harlequin cups and saucers.

find out more about Retro french Arcopal tableware and Breakfast set

Very Rare Antique Moustiers Pottery 1st edition Model Plates depicting Famous Grotesque Figures.

(the Three plates on first shelf Sold)
very rare french Antique Pottery Moustiers plates depicting Grotesque figures 1st edition

Very Rare Antique Clery Longchamp Pottery 1st edition Model Plates depicting Gorgeous Multicolored Birds with Floral design.

very rare French antique Pottery Clery Longchamp plates 1st edition

Retro Kitchen Barware Vintage Bar Tools and Old Working Clocks Decor Ideas

(some items below Sold, Request from Products Information)
find out more about vintage french barware drinkware kitchen bar tools and clocks decor ideas

Vintage Breakfast Tableware set, Typical French Petit Dejeuner Kitchen ware 

find out more about vintage french breakfast tableware petit dejeuner set
Thank you for Reading. More Tablescapes and vintage shelfscape ideas are available for sale