Chase is Better Than Catch

Do we want to chase the rabbit or actually catch it? 

As regards large game, Doe meat is the most sold.
Did you hunt for large game, small game or game birds?
Large wild game: the following species, where classified under national hunting legislation as large game...
Note: Permits are generally used for the small game and tags are used to regulate the large game - deer, moose and bear...
Big game hunting! The hunters wanted to know something about the Game 😟
Indeed, some would say: "Chase is Better than The catch" 😏 

Wild Games Head Faience Tureens. Portuguese Pottery Michel Caugant Large Game Faïence Terrines:  DEER DOE FAWN figural

Vintage Portuguese Pottery, signed michel caugant. Large Game faience Tureens Deer Doe Fawn Figural

Portuguese Pottery Wild Game Tureens, as Bison, Pink and Black Ostrich, Pheasant, Ducks and Rabbits Family. (White Swan is not Game :))

Faience Tureens with Lids, Large Wild Game as Bison, Pink and Black Ostrich, Pheasant, White Swan, Ducks Family, Rabbits.

Leave Wild Game FREE (except population control measure, where needed)
Some other "Wild Animals" Tureens are available asap. For SALE
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