Vintage Copper Brass Bronze Decor Ideas

Copper is one of the oldest materials, nowadays amongst the most widely used non-ferrous metals.

But Not all that glitters is gold... it's Copper, Brass, Bronze
Hammered Copper Brass Kitchenware polished, coated, enameled are simply the Best.
However, depending on countries, most people no longer buy copper/brass utensils for cooking and serving food because the maintenance is very cumbersome. It should also be noted that 
while cooking, concentrations of copper are poisonous, because acidic foods react with copper, causing it to dissolve into food. Any pots and pans must be lined with tin or stainless steel.

Copper and bronze objects shown below are dedicated to Decorative use only, and as household products.

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I never saw such kind of coffee pot before. Object is vintage copper. We just know that is related to antique replica. There are two compartments, one is reserved for coal use, including a chimney duct with its wooden handle, ash bin placed underside, the other reserved to water, including on top coffee container with cloth coffee filter. It has really a great look.
Do you know origin of this particular object? please let us know, I will share your infos from here.
Dim: Tall 7.88" with lid, 12.40" chimney duct included. 9.25" wide from spout to handle

Vintage Copper Coffee Pot Antique Replica

original vintage Italian or Turkey copper coffee pot,designing antique replica
One of my favorite in the selection:

Large copper kettle and lid enhanced with a nice large brass handle. 

Dim: Tall 10.63" with lid, approx 15" up to handle, width 13.78" from spout to base handle
awesome vintage large copper kettle and lid enhanced with a nice large brass handle.Tall 10.63" with lid, approx 15" up to handle

Elegant vintage Red copper Pair of Tall vases and fine handles created by Gallien maker in Villedieu - Normandy. 

It has a red finish coat on some parts.
Dim: Tall 10.83" and 9.44" wide from handle to handle

Vintage hammered copper basket with handle and sieve or used as flower holder

Dim: 4.52"Tall without handle (we noticed that hammered copper basket with handle and sieve have poor welded seams not fixed.)

Hammered copper coal scuttle bucket with blue delft pair of handles

Dim: 19.10" Tall front, 7.48" wide above brass foot
gorgeous vintage Tall hammered copper coal scuttle bucket with pair of blue delft handles

Vintage hammered copper milk jar with handle, bottom is nicely old method clipped 

Dim: 5.90" Tall without handle  and 6.50" wide 

Awesome Pair of large bronze ornate footed dishes Greek Tradition figural, stamped and raised molding pedestal bowls, depicting Man's helmet showing up Greek sphinx, a winged animal,

Woman bronze tray showing up Harp Lute visible on base neck (one tray has a slight deformation on edge)
vintage pair of large bronze ornate footed dish Greek tradition figures,Greek sphinx winged animal and Harp lute. .

Other Copper and Brass Kitchenware utensils, pots, pans, teapots, plates, household products are available for sale and comin' asap.