Provencal Vintage Ricard Pastis Drinkware

Pastis Anis Spirits. Perfect blend of Star anis, licorice, fennel, provencal herbs that makes a delightfully fluid and refreshing Elixir.

Enjoy a summer night accompanied by *music, friends, add some organic green and black olives, homemade tapenade, a bit of crusty baguette and just pour yourself a Ricard ; as one part Ricard with five parts water. Last but not least, then add the ice. 
Nestling in cool, green countryside lulled by the *song of the cicadas... and that's all good.
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are NO longer available since AUGUST 2018 !
french vintage bistro barware Ricard anisette pastis retro bottles and glasses

Ricard Anisette Pastis Glass water carafe and Four ballon footed glasses 

Ricard anisette Glass carafe with four footed Balloon glasses matching set

Vintage French Bistro set of four Pastis Anisette 51 shot glasses

Bistro Pastis set of four Anisette 51 shot glasses blue letters with golden rim on top

Vintage French Pastis 51 Anisette shot Glasses set of 3

Pastis 51 Anisette set of 3 Tall shot Glasses blue letters with golden rim

French vintage pale brown stoneware Ricard Anisette water jug. Provencal Basket Weave Pitchers are also available.

french vtg light brown stoneware Ricard anisette mention water jug

French vintage Bistro Casanis 😉 pastis drinkware Matching Set; 1 carafe with 5 shot glasses

French vtg Casanis pastis drinkware Ads, 1 water bottle with five shot glasses Matching Set

Vintage French Martini liquor 😊 bottle in red black Ads. Water carafe, ashtray, glasses

Retro French Martini liquor bottle in red & black Ads, Glass carafe, ashtray and glasses

Vintage French stoneware Pale Brown Provencal Pastis pitcher watering can shaped with Mention in french : Arrosoir à pastis.

rare stoneware tall Provencal Pastis water pitcher watering can shape, Mention Arrosoir a pastis.
And... not to mention the essential 😉 

Vtg Ice bucket faux wood finish wine Barrel shaped

rare vintage french ice bucket Brown faux wood finish wine Barrel shape

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Other kind of Pastis drinkware set are available for sale. Ricard Ads ashtays as well. CONTACT :-)
Enjoy a great & festive summer season.