Old Quimper Henriot Breton Woman Plates

French Quimper pottery Vintage Petit Breton Peasant Plates 

All plates are signed, including specific exclamation mark on some. Authentic Kemper pottery from Henriot HB factory. More plates, lug bowls, dishes from various factories located in western region are also available for sale. 

Peasant Breton Woman in Campagne, Mistral Blue patterns.

Henriot Factory based in Brittany France.
General measurements:
diameter: 24 cm/9.45"
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are NO longer available since AUGUST 2018 !
Each plate below is Unique. Either Breton woman figure painting, weight, size Or Floral wreath colors on edge and signature underside.
French Quimper Pottery depicting Breton Peasant Woman plates, Campagne, mistral blue pattern, nice wall decor plates from pentyofamelie.
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