Old French Cast Iron Trivets

Vintage Multicolored palette of Ornate Cast Iron Trivets, Pot Stand made in France in various shapes and patterns.

An eclectic selection of several Traditional Heavy Duty Cast Iron essentials for kitchen, also for gardening Home Decor accessories. For SALE

Pan trivets or pot stands in round, oval, wreath shaped, with pegs. 

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All painted in various colours ; Rusty color signed Decotec, Indigo Blue wreath made with Cherries signed Invicta, small Royal Blue, Fir green with Red Apples motif, shades of Green with Shiny yellow sunflowers design.
old set of ornate cast iron trivets, with floral decor, red apples, yellow sunflowers, Blue cherries in wreath design made in France
Also ideal for wood stove, this solid pale Pink round ornate enameled saucepan stand with 3 pegs.
French vintage sturdy Round Ornate pale Pink enameled cast iron trivet perfect for wood stove
Nice and sturdy heat protector Pan Stand, Vintage oval Ornate enameled cast iron trivet in Tomato Red, with 4 pegs.
french vintage sturdy Oval Enameled Tomato Red cast iron trivet, heat pan stand, pot stand, gardening home decor ideas.
Another sturdy Vintage oval Ornate enameled Black Charcoal cast iron trivet, with 4 pegs, ideal for heat pan stand, plant stand, kitchen home decor ideas.
french vintage sturdy Oval Enameled Black Charcoal cast iron trivet, heat pan stand, pot stand, kitchen home decor ideas.
Adorable vintage French round cast iron trivet with Leaf in shades of Green and a lovely red lady beetle decor.
vintage french rare round cast iron trivet with green leaf and a lovely red lady beetle design
one of my favorite, rare white Palm Tree design, sturdy Round enameled cast iron trivet signed Genevieve Lethu 
rare vtg round cast iron trivet white Palm Tree design, signed Genevieve Lethu
Vintage Trivets come with a very good condition for most of items, with signs of use, a bit rusty on parts for others, but all with a nice patina due to past uses (dating from 1950s till 1980s).