In Names of Maid Joan of Arc

In memory of Jehanne, Jeanne, Joan of Arc, the Maid of Lorraine, St Joan, Jeanne d’Arc, The Maid of Orleans, The Daughter of God, Joan of France, The Soldier Joan, Joan of Ark, Jeanette the Virgin, Maid of Heaven, Johanna, Jehanne The Maid.

In Names of Joan of Arc. A Story with A "simple" person who became a strong Heroine. 

For centuries, such a long painstaking search for Joan. Right? :) and so many interpretations since…
"Jeanne d'Arc does not belong to France alone but also to all those whose thoughts are elevated enough to grasp the superior and beautiful among goodness." (Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel).
  well said! Johanna is simply Universal.

According some, Jehanne was "The One who dared to wear men’s clothing, mounted a horse, made war, who addressed her words to the greatest lords of her time with such ease that her attitude approached "insolence", who showed her judges an extraordinary "effrontery"" oh really?
oh by the way, wasn't She the woman at the head of an Army?

Jeanne existed and played an active role in the Hundred Years’War, contributing in some way to the turning of the scale of victory to the advantage of one of the warring parties.
Sure, Joan of Ark was one of the best documented personalities of the European Middle Ages.
Any evidence of seemingly most basic facts of her life, like her date of birth, age, place of birth, social background and education?
Anyway, no matter what her origin was (Peasant or Royal) and what her leadership role was based on.

Descriptions of the appearance of the Maid of Orleans. 

Witnesses of her time told probably based on their own "appreciation":
"appropriately graceful, has virile bearing, and in conversation shows great common sense. Her voice has a feminine charm; she eats little, limits herself in drinking wine(?). She loves beautiful horses and armor, and is very fond of armed men and noblemen… her face is joyous. She has incredible strength and resistance to fatigue and wearing armor that she can hold out for six days and nights without removing even one part of the armor."
 "She was of short stature with a face of a peasant and black hair, but each of her limbs was strong."
 "She is beautiful, with the face a bit sunburnt and crowned with blond hair"
"She has a red spot on the skin behind her right ear. Secondly, she speaks softly and clearly, and thirdly she has a short neck".
How Interesting it was to contrast such descriptions...
One thing is sure, Frenchies were also divided, in their attitude to her.
"She rode a horse and dealt with a lance like a more experienced soldier and soldiers were amazed.” 
And we are All Amazed
Jeanne d'arc The Heroine posting entitled in the names of Joan of Arc, from pentyofamelie blog
.Bravery and Courage would not leave her until she was taken prisoner.
Her mission? Joan of France did announce:
"I have been commanded to do two things on the part of the King of Heaven: one, to raise the siege of Orleans; the other, to conduct the King to Reims for his annointing and his coronation."
The young Jehanne was pitted against sixty skilled politicians, lawyers, ambassadors,trained in all the complexities of legal questioning, all of them versed in academic casuistry. Most of them were avowedly her enemies. Her victories for Charles VII had driven many of them, including the felon Bishop Cauchon, out of their dioceses, away from their seats of authority and revenue. They were of the University of Paris and Jeanne had threatened Paris. If she had succeeded in that they would have been utterly ruined.
well, it is clear that the young one had to face adversity with an outstanding Courage in standing up for her Rights.
Joan of Arc responding to her judges demand that she swear to tell the truth to whatever she was asked:
"I do not know upon what you wish to question me. There may be things you will askme that I must not tell you."
Joan explaining that she bore her banner when attacking the enemy therefore:
"I never killed anyone" 
Joan's response when she learned how she would die:
"Alas! Am I to be so horribly and cruelly treated? Alas! That my body, clean and whole, which has never been corrupted, should this day be consumed and burned to ashes!Ah! I would far rather have my head chopped off seven times over, than to be burned!" 
Jehanne is the youngest person in history to command the armies of a nation. After being examined (about Virginity), Charles VII officially gave Joan command of the armies of France.
She was only 17 years old. Joan was sold to the English for ten thousand gold francs.

Jeanne was taken to Rouen and put on trial for heresy in the Spring of 1431.
The English paid for the trial that was run by Church officials loyal to them.
Joan of Arc was canonized in a grand and solemn ceremony in Saint Peter's Basilica
on May 16, 1920. Her feast day is celebrated on May 30, the day of her death.

In 1920 Joan became an official Saint of the same Church that had once called her a heretic and executed her by burning her at the stake.
She remains one of the most beloved figures in all of history.
Jeanne d'Arc had the courage of her convictions and was willing to stand by them no
matter what it cost her, even her life.... and Nothing else matters!
Nice Poems from two authors:
Fearless Pucelle of Lorraine,
ever vigilant and strong,
sent forth with gifts of the Spirit,
to put right every wrong

The Savior You Are
The Legend Goes Far
 Your Banner So White
Your Predictions So Right 
in the names of joan of arc, a bit of history and poems dedicated to demoiselle jeanne d'arc by pentyofamelie blog
Mark Twain wrote :
"She is easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced" 
My message to Demoiselle Jeanne:
You are Loved and Admired everywhere in the world, even nowadays, no less than some 587 years after the 30th of May 1431, the day You were burned at the stake in the market place in Rouen.
You were only about 19 years old.
Not many "personalities" from your native country can pretend of such an Aura.
Please Note: documentation/images above consist of brief excerpts from primary and secondary source documents, and texts from Verified Historians.
Thank you for reading.  
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Joan Of Arc present at legendary Crowning of Charles VII. Polychrome illustrated plate from late 1800s.

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St Joan captured at Compiegne Polychrome illustrated talking plate

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Joan of France burned at the stake in Rouen. Polychrome illustrated talking plate

joan of arc burned at the stake in Rouen.Polychrome illustrated plate produced by french antique renowned pottery late 1800s
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