Crowing Rooster wakes you up

Wake with the rooster crow on a small farm. Welcome will be a warm one, an invitation to pastoral scene with cockerels crowing one after the other. 

Alors, Bon courage!­čśĆ
Did you know? how Chanticleercock-a-doodle-doo” is said in other languages?
My favorite Onomatopoeia are in Basque: kikirriki, Breton: kokaralur, Catalan: quiquiriquic, Chinese: Mandarin: gou gou, Danish: kykkeliky, Dutch: kukeleku, French: cocorico, Gaelic: cuc-a-dudal-du, German: kickeriki, Hindi: kukruukuu, Japanese: kokekokk┼Ź, Norwegian: kykeliky, Portuguese: cucurucu, Latin: kukuriku. ­čśŤ

Some time ago, I met people who chose to purchase Chickens for poultry rearing. They live with and breed their poultry,  until...a fateful day regarding a nice specie of Gallus Domesticus that has finally been  "tossed into the pot"...
They told me about what happened but later after they Tasted "Rico the Rooster".
The Reason why they did "couic" Rico? well, this one was a bit too much noisy :) crowing in any languages "Cocorico, kikkirik├ş, kokekokk┼Ź, gou gou..."  in the middle of the night, early morning... 
Actually, at anytime ­čśź Hmm, c'est la vie.
They also argued as follows : "anyway, 'better to eat little Rico than others direct from chicken industry! cos at least, we knew about what's good in its daily bowl! Ah!!"  Yep! and well said.
'Better rear poultry oneself, like it has ever been in the old days, in rural areas... 
Here are below some nice "cuc-a-dudal-du" figural in ceramic, faience, stoneware water pitchers, wine jugs you may enjoy.
All available and for SALE
CONTACT Informations : vintagefindsfrance(at)protonmail(dot)com - (you will have to create a FREE protonmail Email to make sure I receive your message)
* For Reminder and Contact OR info(at)pentyofamelie(dot)com
are NO longer available since AUGUST 2018 !
Other kind of items featuring various Rooster & Chanticleer designs will be posted asap.

Lovely stoneware Barbotine Rooster wine jug in cream brown tones. French Rural Inn name is mentioned on front.

french vintage Rooster wine jug, barbotine stoneware pitcher with Rural Inn mentioned on front

French St Clement Pottery. Majolica multicolored Rooster water pitcher 

(young chicken on right pic is unavailable, Small Hen faience lidded bowl is available)
Antique st clement pottery, French majolica Rooster pitcher, multicolored ceramic water jug.

Pretty Faience Chicken wine jug, white background, red comb and colorful large flowers pattern.

Vintage Faience Chicken wine jug,red comb, white background and colorful large flowers pattern.

Nice Rooster Drip Glaze Ceramic water jug, with Bright Red comb and tail

rare french vintage Drip Glaze Rooster Ceramic water jug, with nice red comb and tail

Vtg Tall Barbotine Rooster water jug by St Clement Pottery

vintage french majolica Tall colorful Rooster jug, awesome St Clement pottery Barbotine cockerel pitcher

Gorgeous Tall Red and Black Rooster bottles by Garnier liquor brand

unique vtg Red and Black Rooster Garnier bottles with golden accents, liquor brand made in France
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