Brittany Wild Coasts Countryside

Get to know The Wild West of Brittany.

A small sample of interesting Stories often evoked in a poetic, touching way from Tour visits of interest in Brittany France. 
Countryside is pretty Wild, beautiful, with a touch of mystery...You are bumping everywhere into cairns, martyrdoms and chapels erected by Celtics and early Christians. The land is covered with moors, brooms and sharp gorse. There are beautiful wild streams. The coastal rivers have long estuaries deeply penetrating the earth in sorts of very scenic fjords. 
Sounds terrific! well, a good start and very well said 😉
More than anywhere else in France, Gourmets love Seafood.Yum! also added in buckwheat Galettes.
(Nice various Postcards featuring Region sightseeings)
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Brittany, a region where to meet Sun (so true...nowadays) a relatively gentle wind :P and Granite Rocks. Stormy seas, Celtic myths and Onion Johnnies :)

So, plan a route through Brittany, where Land ends and Legend begins. (true & well said!)

The Western End ; Pointe du Raz is Europe's most westerly spot before the Atlantic.
Rocked by the winds and battered by the waves, it offers spectacular views and breathtaking scenery. Yep! it is worth seeing.
A fantastic place for wildflowers and moorland birds, amazing rock formations deep in the valleys and wonderful forest habitat. Small islands with many treasures to explore and short coastal walks. Lovely sand dunes and pebble beach, as well as salt lakes and extensive marshlands which attract many interesting birds. 

Finistaere is a great place for birdwatching. Over 250 species and 7 nature reserves. 

Buzzards make regular appearances in the skies over "Ty Hir" and the large garden is visited by numerous species including swallows who nest in the barn next door. 
What a peaceful and lovely view ... just a place to be, by early morning.
A patchwork of fields covers large swathes of Brittany, stretching down to its sandy coastal edges, which are so marked by sensational headlands and bays. Twisting rivers break up the agricultural landscapes inland. Valleys are wooded; indeed much of central Brittany used to be heavily forested, just patches remain.
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Mellow lines of hills and heath cross the region east to west. (yes, it's worth a visit)

You can sun and surf your way around some excellent beaches. Just give a try to these spots: 
La Palue which is the largest one on the Crozon Peninsula. Then La Torche (Plomeur); the most famous Surf Spot in Brittany, an immense beach of white sand, perfect for events such as the French Cup, French Championship and more...

Menhirs are Unique. Hamlet of cottages, neat hedges and hydrangeas, almost suburban in its serenity.
Explore the dunes. Then, seek the abandoned fishing villages, way out in the healthy wilderness by the sea. look out for little ports, bobbing boats, wayside chapels and news of the seaweed business. 
Harvesting the stuff remains a key activity round here…

Some places are free of all houses, moorland sweeps to the rocky foreshore. 
Horses gambol. Isolated chapels devoted to several Saints. The sea rolls endlessly.
Tiny stone streets, Pointe de St Mathieu, where northern Brittany ends in a rugged promontory, 
a Benedictine abbey and a lighthouse.

Country village churches are equipped with triumphal arches and Martyrdoms.

The Arrée Mountains with Rounded hills, rocky ridges, peat bogs and marshes…and a landscape overlaid with legend. Small villages where marshes, hills and lake meet. It is home to the Korrigans little people, l'Ankou; the steward between life and death...
The Host there will probably tell tales weaving together megaliths, saints and spectral horsemen 😓
In other words, keep in mind that How far down this legendary road you go will depend on how much you've drunk at dinner 😕 
All right then! let's give a try. Yec'hed Mat... Cheers🍷

As a holiday region, it is of course Brittany's coasts that attract the greatest number of visitors; 
the inland regions are on the whole quite tranquil and for this reason have attracted a lot of second-home owners from other parts of France, and from Britain.
In cultural terms, Brittany is very distinctive, with its own language and Celtic cultural tradition that set it apart from the rest of France.
The Breton language, though not much used in everyday life, and not understood by most of the modern population has made a comeback in recent years, and is taught in a lot of schools.
Celtic Heritage still alive or recalled today in Breton folk music, its Celtic festivals, and its many prehistoric monuments.
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Amazing Festivals in Brittany. Brittany is the perfect place to enjoy full summer festivals.

So why not try your music festival experience this year with a distinctly French touch? Just type breton festivals 2018 and visit BrittanyTourism website. So, The main tourist attractions in Brittany remain undoubtedly its beaches, coastal walks, rocky shoreline and small fishing harbors; but beyond this, the region has an impressive collection of sites that are worth a visit, for their historic or cultural value, or just because they are really worth seeing. Sure you will Heart Brittany 💗 Land of Legend and gastronomy. Degemer Mat e Breizh!
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