Zoomorphic Figural Faience Tureens

Farm Animals and Game Birds Doe Deer Faience Soup Tureens Made in Portugal

A bit of Michel Caugant History.

By adapting its know-how, started with Breton culinary tradition and French gastronomy to target new consumer trends, the Michel Caugant. Company achieved a leading position in three main markets for fresh products, available pre-packed also available from the Delicatessen Terroir Pate Tureens in charcuterie, ready to eat salads and Christmas products.
Innovating for 70 years! From 1927 until 1997
Breton Company was created by father Lionel Caugant. Then, his son Michel joined company in 1955. A great opportunity for this local delicatessen shop that became soon an industrial concern. From 1970s until late 1990s, Delicatessen company supplied major hypermarket, super-market chains and catering growth markets everywhere in France.
Building on its commercial success, company became the first French food company to qualify for the ISO 9001 certification. Company also exported not only its products to Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland…but also its know-how and provided a transfer of technology and expertise within the framework of industrial franchises.

What about Famous Zoomorphic faience Tureens?

Michel had the idea of producing faience covered dishes ; as farm animals, game birds, Roe Deer shaped, mainly produced for Christmas Season.
Late 1970s, The first productions of faience objects were lovely dinner plates depicting his native village not so far away from Concarneau, decorated in red, then in blue, by a talented Breton artist  (Nowadays, such plates are quite Rare and hard to find).
Starting in the early 1980s, majolica soup tureens production were launched until late 1990s.
The Boss used to choose from various and typical handmade, hand-painted terrines designs supposed to match with Christmas specialities; as hunting and fishing patterns.

Initially, a few hand painted tureens were made in Brittany, just for a short time though, since production made in Brittany was considered a bit too expensive...
Anyway, from early 1980s, faience terrines were definitively made in Portugal due to financial considerations someway, and it must be said that Portuguese Pottery manufacturing is simply about Excellent handicraft.
Various designs were available and produced; Rabbits, Poultry, Wildfowl and ground Game, woodcock, fishes, crustaceans, crabs and some others which are very rare patterns.
Take a look below at a few Farm and Wild Animals shaped Faience Tureens for this Great Company.
Just for reminder. Probably more than 190 models were made from 1980s until 1990s
Many figural pâté dishes were offered to Customers who did complete a Client Satisfaction Survey. (How lucky they were! 😍)

How to identify and to date Michel Caugant covered serving dishes?

By Signature visible on underside. First models produced in large quantities are dating of 1982,
were also signed HH initials referring to the modeler located in Portugal.
Then and for a time, models were stamped on underside.
A bit later, another large collection still dating of 1980s had a sticked printed label on underside,
but many labels disappeared due to handwash though. Late 1980s and through the 1990s, they were finally stamped in italics.
What about Rare pieces?
Well, there are still quite a lot on the market owned by individuals everywhere in Europe and overseas. Indeed, Many pieces were especially produced and exported to Northern Europe as Turtle, blue rabbit with ears laid back, fish plaice, brown guineafowl, dwarf, Dodo, salmon, Goat, last, lovely Ducks decorated with a floral pattern are rare pieces…plus several others "prototypes" as Snails, Rooster with green tail, and some others we can’t tell about because we just don’t know yet about the most rarest produced late 1980s until 1990s.
We heard of quite rare models, we just could not imagine their production possible.
On 1990s, various promotional materials were available in several versions, as ashtrays, keychains, pin’s… etc. Very hard to find also, beautiful Bunnies with a particularity though; as they never included any lids and Produced for serving patés direct on Local Catering counters.

Last, Lovely special models as barbotine covered bowls and plates with vegetables pattern were manufactured throughout the 1990s, platters with salt & pepper shaker set from 1990s, on a
limited edition apparently. These recent ones are not stamped but were made for Michel C. Company.
We got to find this gorgeous specimen visible on pictures, direct from an ancient employee of the company…

Can I place Tureens in the oven?

Do not place those covered bowls in the oven, nor in dishwashing machine. Wash by hand only. These faience pieces are more dedicated to Home Kitchen Decorative objects, even if the largest ones might be used for serving ready-to-serve Patés, vegetables, seafood…
What about sizes?
We can find Three sizes models for some, in large, medium, minis.. “Minis” are quite hardly finds nowadays.
How valuable are these terrines?
That is a Good question. Tureens became collectibles because of Interest firstly, but mainly 'cause not produced anymore since late 1990s. As Cute, Original and quite unusual, Rare models in particular became hard to find. Then, all depends of Interest of Collectors even located worldwide, 'don't know if they are still looking for those original lovelies.
So, its value may increase or not. Currently some Rarest pieces are climbing up! around some hundred dollars, and to me, it's about ... a Fair price.
What about Michel Caugant. himself ? 
He has ever been considered as a powerful Entrepreneur, and very much appreciated in Brittany, as principled business leader in France in his brand. He was very active business leader. In the early fifties, he visited many local markets around native city to sell their Delicatessen Breton products…
he always loved challenges and for having new goals, even after he retired from the company early 2000s.

Now, He is in his eighties, 'don't know how he is doing currently...
Anyway, and according to his Professional close circle, he is Proud and Happy to get to know his famous terrines are still collected worldwide.
Last, I would even say : “parce qu’il le vaut bien!” meaning : because He’s worth it!
Thank you for reading.
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Brief overview of Zoomorphic Figural Faience Tureens made in Portugal from our collection.
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