Coffee Love Original Colorful Latte Bowls

French Vintage Retro Original Latte Bowl Collection

Wake up to a Gourmet French breakfast. 

Gorgeous large, Medium, Small Colorful Latte Bowls, also Soup, Cereal, Hot Chocolate Bols.

Either made of stoneware, faience or Limoges porcelain, with a nice hand painted, and transfer ware pattern. Personally, my French "petit déjeuner" often starts with Multifruit Juice, some seasonal fruits, bread, handmade pancakes or buckwheat cakes topped with homemade Jam with Raspberries, Cherries, Blackberries, and a large old cafe au lait bowl filled of coffee black though:)
As Collectors for many years and Flea markets enthusiasts, we have been adding various coffee bowls to our own collection.
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Glimpse of our finds:
Collectibles, antique, vintage retro coffee bowls, used also as Soup, Cereal bowls, manufactured in France by renown potteries
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Vintage French white and Gold Cafe au lait Bowls in medium/small sizes. 

Mainly made of porcelain featuring Brittany Typical Folklore, Petit Breton traditional clothes, hand painted, transferware designs.
Decorative objects: Several French Lighthouses Models made of resin showing up lovely details, Traditional Old Sailing boats models are available. Very nice Osprey model, made of galvanized metal sheet including an iron candle holder in center, perfect maritime interior decorative objects. Nice Floated wood artistic creation, varnished with a clear finish mounted on wooden base are available.

french retro breton figures porcelain cafe au lait bowls coffee set

Authentic Hand Painted Peach Red/Orange Apple and leaves design, ribbed Latte Bowl by St Clement pottery

Porcelain Creamer with lidded sugar pot named "Patricia" model by Seltmann Weiden Bavaria West Germany. Tall light pastel Green old ceramic bowl, renowned  Badonviller "Basque" red/blue lines model. stoneware glazed water pitcher made by Digoin, "Burgundy" mention in French, depicting a large Bunch of Grapes. Longchamp porcelain Bowl with famous Peacock in tranfer ware pattern inside. Large round Limoges porcelain bowl with tiny flowers from mid century, a glazed Stoneware footed coffee bowl with gorgeous Wheat Ears design. Antique faience coffee pot "Café" mention in french from early 40s.
Decorative objectThe Gorgeous shades of Blue Bubble Glass Vase is available too.
French Antique Coffee Bowls by St Clement, Badonviller "Basque",  Digoin "Burgundy" Longchamp porcelain ...

Very large ceramic Ribbed Pastel multicoloured coffee bowls made in France produced by Moulin des Loups.

The largest ones (4). Dim: from 14 cm/ 5.51" up to 16.5 cm/6.50" wide and 8.2 cm/3.23" up to 9 cm/3.55"). By Ternana for the pink one, unmarked the dark green.we noticed old tiny chips on largest bowls Moulin des loups and dating of 30s/40s.
Decorative objects: the big ben clock by Westclox, an adorable coffee maker in Brownie color by Villeroy Boch in Luxemburg, an old porcelain Milk jug depicting Farmhouse scene of life. Last, beautiful Cobalt Blue Glass large vase (that stands 34 cm/13.40 tall) are available.
Antique Vintage Coffee Bowls by Moulin des loups, Villeroy Boch, Ternana  and blue cobalt vase

Antique ribbed, footed white and gold cafe au lait Bowls, Limoges Fine porcelain.

Demi and opaque porcelain, in large/medium sizes, with typical pretty multicoloured, Gold garlands with floral swags, Tiny spring flowers, wheat ears designs. 
Decorative objects: Tic Tac old mechanical working Clock Made in France, with Golden tone face, a great Cobalt blue color on back from mid century.Delicate hand-blown art-glass vase with a sculpted Pewter stemmed flower design are available.
Vintage Demi and opaque porcelain Bowls in large/medium sizes,Gold garlands with floral swags, Tiny spring flowers, wheat ears designs.

Large footed porcelain coffee Bowls depicting gorgeous spring floral motif, the Angelus by Millet. 

Decorative objects: a lovely ceramic pitcher in brown color with Pink flowers, produced by Poet Laval French pottery, large and heavy Butter covered Dish made of pressed glass dating of mid-century. Rare wooden Lollipops display cone shaped that stands 3.5 x 10.5 cm/12 x 4.15" are available.
Vintage scarce Poet Laval Latte Bowls with spring floral motif, the Angelus by Millet.

Vtg Coffee bowls, in medium small sizes, fine porcelain produced in France. 

Adorable Red Roses, carnations, multi-floral motifs, golden floral rims, peacock design, Our Lady of Lourdes patterns. 
Decorative objectWonderful Tall Turned wood Table Lamp base, with two tones, Dim: 34 x 13.5 cm/13.40 x 5.32" available.

More Bowls manufactured in France, dating of early 20th century until 1970/80s

Collection of Antique vintage Colorful Coffe bowls Set, Vichy Digoin, Porcelain of Limoges, Longchamp Faience in various sizes signed by renowned potteries
French Cafe Au Lait Bowl Petit Beurre de Lu Advertising, Authentic Petit Ecolier Chocolate Bowl
Hard To Find French Cafe au Lait Bowl Petit Beurre de Lu Advertising LU LU Cookies Petit Ecolier Bowl

vtg french coffee bowls in various sizes, dating of mid century made of ceramic, hand painted faience, fine limoges porcelain and manufactured in france
vintage Classic white and gold latte bowls, Porcelain material with spring floral pattern, large ribbed yellow bowls, badonviller basque model, Blue Delft breakfast bols with old sailing design
Overview of some collectibles part of our collection.